Dear Colleagues and Guests;

We are happy and honored to invite you to the 1st International Congress on Multidisciplinary Social Sciences (ICMUSS-2019), which will be held at Ankara University Faculty of Languages, History and Geography, between 7-10 May 2019.

ICMUSS-2019 is an international academic congress and covers the fields of social sciences. The mission of ICMUSS-2019 is to create a platform for researchers and academics as well as other professionals from all over the world in order to present their research results in Social Sciences. This congress also offers opportunities for participants to share new ideas, expertise and experiences, establish business or research relationships, and find partners for future cooperation. Our congress also provides area for young researchers to present their research, to enable other young researchers to communicate with international communities and to take the ideas and recommendations of successful and senior researchers during the conference.

The languages of ICMUSS-2019’s are English and Turkish.

All papers accepted and presented in the congress will be published in the abstract paper, in the full textbook of the ISBN, in accordance with the Academic Incentive Regulation.

In addition, the full text will be published within three weeks immediately after the congress, according to the editor’s decision, after the arbitration process, as part of the booklet of one or more international edited e-books by the International Publishing House (accepted as the International Publishing House for Academic Incentive and Associate Professorship Applications).

Hope to meet you in Ankara in May.

ICMUSS Organization Committee