All accepted abstracts will be published in English after the congress as an e-book (ISBN and the Editor).

Full texts may be written in Turkish or English. It does not have to be the same as the presentation language.

Participants are offered different options for full-text broadcasting.

  1. Full textbook with ISBN upon request, after the arbitration process.
  2. In addition, the full text will be published within three weeks immediately after the congress, according to the editor’s decision, after the arbitration process, as part of an international edited e-book by the International Publishing House.

The deadline for submission of the International Editorial book section is 22 May 2021. SUBMITTING FULL TEXT IS NOT MANDATORY. Participants who wish to send a full text must send it to by the appropriate template under the heading Writing Regulations.

Posters will be sent to e-mail address to be evaluated until ……. in jpg or pdf formats. The name, surname, e-mail, phone, title, institution and department information are required to specify.

A Poster Session will be held for the posters to be exhibited and the poster owners will present their posters in this session.